Best Of New Grass Revival

  1. Love Someone Like Me (Dunn, Foster)
  2. Sweet Release (Pat Flynn)
  3. In the Middle of the Night (Pat Flynn)
  4. Saw You Runnin' (Moore)
  5. Revival (Peter Rowan)
  6. Hold to a Dream (O´Brien)
  7. Can't Stop Now (Nicholson, Waldman)
  8. Metric Lips (inst.) (Béla Fleck)
  9. Unconditional Love (Cook, Nicholson)
  10. Friday Night in America (Pat Flynn, Smith)
  11. You Plant Your Fields (Lowery, Waldman)
  12. Let's Make a Baby King (Jesse Winchester)
  13. Do What You Gotta Do (Pat Flynn)
  14. Let Me Be Your Man (Ritchey)
  15. Callin' Baton Rouge (Linde)
  16. Big Foot (inst.) (Béla Fleck)
  17. Angel Eyes (Hiatt, Koller)
  18. I'm Down (John Lennon, Paul McCartney)