new grass revival songbook

new grass revival Dear friends,

I'd like to invite you on the page New Grass Revival Songbook. After about 12 years I decided to re-new this page, because there is still demand for the songs of New Grass Revival and bands from no English speaking countries have a problem to get to original lyrics.

Years ago, there were two american ladies that helped me with this collection of song lyrics – Dennise M. Smith and Debbie L. Heavers who actuactually performes with her artist's name Debra Lyn as great country singer, songwritter. I'd like to thank both ladies. I'd also like to thank to Oskar Zvijak who helped me with this collection too.

I can say that I personally grew on the band New Grass Revival as teenager as well as a musician. Their music still has to say something, especially, in period from 1984 to 1989 when they played in composition: Sam Bush, John Cowan, Béla Fleck, Pat Flynn their music was timeless.

I will try to watch around ex-members' events but I will appreciate if I found some contributors into atricles section. Who has interest, he or she could contact me via contact form.

Brano (Bruno) Zvolenský