Hold To A Dream

Tim O'Brien

Hold to a Dream, The Best of NGR

I'm happy to roam
I can find my way
Through the mountains
Through the ocean foam
But if I had a map
To show me the way
To your heart dear
I'd follow it home

Making my way
Through the dim lit streets
Of the old town
Nowhere to go
Wonderin if the scene
Runnin in my head
Will ever slow down
I miss you so

Hold to a dream
Carry it up and down
Follow a star
Search the world around
Hold to a dream
Carry it close to me
I'm frozen in time
You alone can set me free

The rain outside
Is beating down
And I'm here at home
All alone
We used to stay so warm inside
Now a night like this
It chills my bones


I miss ya darlin
More and more
I'm thinkin of you
Thinkin of you
Late at night
Lyin in my sleep
I'm dreamin
Dreamin of you



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