Crazy in the Night

Stephen F. Brines, Sam Bush

Barren County

It's a cold night in Kentucky
The moon is rolling slow
I just found out today
You're back on your own
I thought I'd call and see
If you need someone to touch
It's been a long time did you change that much.

Me, I'm still a dreamer crazy in the night
and everyone I ever loved is still on my mind

I can't see your face and you're not sure
It wouldn't be more trouble
Than old times are worth
Well, I haven't slept alone since the last time we met
If that's any comfort
I just didn't forget


Talk about reality talk about dreams
It's just good to hear your voice
This is all I mean
So don't get nervous I know you're not
The lover you used to be but she's all I've got



… I'm still a dreamer
Still a dreamer
Still a dreamer

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